Friday, 16 September 2011

LFW - Corrie Nielsen S/S 12

Corrie Nielsen S/S 12

Christopher Beales (

As I mentioned in my previous post, today I was assisting at Corrie Nielsen's S/S 12 show with Forward PR. The 4:30AM start was hard and luckily there was a Starbucks open when I reached Tottenham Court Road Station. After I had finished my grande extra shot hazelnut skinny wet latte to go, I was able to function...almost. The venue was hosted by a company called My Beautiful City and it was on old post sorting office in London, that I really did take a liking too, regardless of how rundown and unpleasant it looked.

Although the venue was very cold, once we got down to work we soon warmed up. After packing boxes full of Starbucks treats and bags full of hair products, we were able to set up the seats and let people in at about 9:30AM. The show commenced under a ceiling full of bare bulbs and oriental inspired music, that really set the mood.

The garments were all absolutely stunning, made form carefully pleated chiffon and silk and elegant structures. The photos speak better than I can for the clothing on display. My favourite piece was a chiffon structure dress that looked so delicate that I wanted to put it in a glass case and just stare at it.

45 minutes of showtime was quickly over and it was time to guide people out and clear up the mess of paper, empty boxes and bags. Backstage was a riot of press, models and staff memebers; you could of easily been killed in the huge mob of people. By the time we left the venue it was about midday, and it was quite warm in busy London, which meant wearing all black was not so comfortable. Home was an hour journey home, and I have never been so greatful for a seat.

Assisting at the show was a fantastic experience that allowed me to see how a PR company works, experience the rush of a catwalk show and mingle with industry people all at once. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go into fashion, and I will be repeating this process again on Monday for Jasper Garvida's S/S 12 show; although this time I have lectures first thing in the morning and the show is at 5pm.

Who's collection are you most looking forward to seeing at LFW?


  1. Corrie Nielsen's show was lovely! Nice pics!

  2. It was amazing, can't wait to do it all again on Monday!