Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sandy tangerines

VPL S/S 12
The structuring and simple colour scheme makes this collection so damn good, I JUST WANT TO EAT IT...or maybe i'll just stare at it for ages and ages... All the models have bodies to die for (i'm so not jealous), as always, but these ones don't look to miserable for a change. My favourite piece is the white structured bikini (4th photo) because it is so different to other piece I have seen this season, and reminds me of a stingray, which I like very much.

So tomorrow i'll be backstage at LFW for Corrie Nielsen's show and am HUGELY looking forward to this! As I type, my coral coloured nails are drying, my hair has been washed, and I could really do with some sleep. I will take as many photos as possible and post them when I get back (if I haven't collapsed with exhaustion before then).

Bedtime for me...maybe...

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