Monday, 2 January 2012

New Endings

First, I must apologise for my absence over the holidays. I have been busy with family, work and my university project. As Christmas and New Year is over, sales have started all over the place and obviously this means my browsing of online shops has increased. I haven't bought anything in the sales apart from a beautifully simply navy jumper from Zara. I'm not so bothered this time round, whether it be due to the need for me to save money or just because nothing excites me. Everything that has interested me has been online and either not in my size or full price. But, I thought i'd post a few dresses that are just PERFECT. When it comes to dresses I have a range of different styles, as you should. Recently I have been looking for dresses that really make you stand out, whether it be the material. colour or embellishment.
So, take a peek at my selections!


Cutout backs have always been a thing that catches my eye, as it is a lot sexier (in my opinion) that showing off your legs or cleavage. Add the fact that this is a chiffon shirt dress and I am sold!

Cutout + Black + Maxi = NEED
Having the cutout in an unconvential place makes it all the more interesting and lustworthy.

This dress is pretty simple, just what I like, but the metal tipped killer gives it a bit of an edge that makes you look at it for just that bit longer than if it was plain.

HERE IS THE FINALE. When I saw this dress from the front I didn't understand why it was anything special, then I looked at the back and my jaw dropped. If this was in black I would walk to the ends of the earth for it! The combination of long sleeves and intricate back laced up and cutout detail make it something I would wear very often so I could feel super sexy in it. Dream dress? FOUND.

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