Saturday, 25 May 2013

Alternative Print ft. Fashion156

It's Print Week on Fashion156, and as much as i'm sure you all want me talk about my favourite print designers like Holly Fulton, Erdem and Diane Von Furstenberg, I like the alternate route that has been taken.

I am a photographer, and at heart, one that shoots on film and loves it. There is something so raw and emotional about the colours, the chemical process that goes on, and the idea that these images take such a great deal of trust in creation. Every time I put in a roll of film to be processed, my stomach fills with butterflies and I am anxious to see the results of my hardwork and trust in the lens.

I thought i'd start off by showing some of my film work, and then move onto film work by the photographers I look upto most.


White (35mm colour and 120mm black & white) by Sophia Chemaitelli

The Wanderer (35mm colour) by Sophia Chemaitelli


For any of you that follow fashion editorials' movers and shakers, you will have heard of Paolo Roversi, and you will know that he only shoots on film. He achieves Tim Walker's dreams through the process of his camera (and yes, some amazing set design and couture here and there). But, it is mainly the medium that he chooses to shoot photographs in, that allows him to create such etheral, breathtaking, peaceful imagery.

Natalia Vodianova for Egoiste No. 15 and Freja Beha Erichsen for Vogue Italia March 2008 (respectively) by Paolo Roversi

Sally Mann is a more unkown personality in the photography world, more known to the fine art world as one who mixes photography with her personal feelings of death, youth and her family. Using large format camera, glass plates and silver nitrate, Sally Mann's work can take a long time to produce. Her subjects sometimes have to sit/lie infront of the camera for hours to allow a solid appearance on the film to develop. The result of this patience on both sides is beautiful; you are made to question youth and death, and what both mean in family life and what they can do to a person.

Selection from 'Immediate Family' by Sally Mann


Head over to Fashion156 to see their pick of film photographers and print extraordinaire!

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