Tuesday, 20 September 2011

LFW - Jasper Garvida S/S 12

 This was another show with Forward PR and I was really looking forward to it after the buzz of Corrie Nielsen's show. We arrived at The Bloomsbury Hotel before 3pm and was suprised to see that things were very calm. Most of the setting up had been done before we arrived, so there were just some goody bags to place on the front row and then we just waited for people arrive. After an hour or so of gossiping amongts ourselves, places were taken and guests began to arrive...very slowly, but eventually the room was full and the show was set to go.

The collection was stunning, full of metal, structure and edge. The structure accentuated the hips and shoulders perfectly, and huge gold pyramid studs created a twist on the trusty LBD. When watching the run through of the show earlier on in the day, some of the models had issues with their shoes due to them being too big and the floor being slippery. But, once the show was under way, all the models seemed to walk with ease and looked great.

Once the show was over, we cleared the room and had the opportunity to mingle with the guests, which proved very useful for me in the contacts area of my life. The day had been a long one and we all needed some food. Walking down Tottenham Court Road while hungry meant that KFC seemed like a fantastic idea. So, we headed to KFC and ordered a 14 piece bargain bucket between 3 people. BAD IDEA. We didn't finish it, and my stomach hated me when I got home.

Working with Forward PR was a great experience, and I will be working with them again next season. The shows have opened up a lot of doors for me interms of contacts and experience and I am looking forward to the next year of work. I'll post about today's LFW experience soon, but for now I need some sleep before my early start tomorrow.


  1. Great pics ;)
    And KFC is soooo good! haha! Shame it gave you a bad stomach!
    I can't wait to see the rest of the photos from Wednesday show's!

  2. Haha yeh KFC was good at the time lol! Yes I will post those as soon as I get through them all, there's so many!!