Monday, 26 September 2011

LFW - Menswear Day S/S 12

Great Hall, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

MAN S/S 12

Topman S/S 12

James Long S/S 12

Wednesday brought Menswear Day to LFW, and as I wasn't working that day I decided to head down and enjoy as many shows as possible with friends.

First show of the morning was MAN at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. The hall that the show took place in was absolutely stunning! The huge windows let in loads of natural light which made taking photographs very easy and the balcony provided a great viewing spot. The show consisted of 3 collections by emerging designers supported by Topman. Although the collections were interesting, I cannot imagine many men wearing the cullotes and Aztec inspired shawls.

The Topman show took place in the same venue, this time with a celebrity presence of trendy TV personalites. I have never particularly been a fan of the clothes present in Topman's stores, but this collection was right up my street. Silk pyjamas, coloured knitwear, loafers and grey and navy blue suits. Perfect.

After a good coffee we headed back to Somerset House to try and catch James Long's show. After a very long wait outside the BFC show space, and thinking we weren't going to get in, we were allowed standing space at the show. The atmosphere inside the BFC show space was always fantastic as the long proportions of the room and lighting lend themselves to mystery and anticipation. The pieces were a mixture of leather, knitwear and metallics that made for an interesting and suprisingly wearable collection. The show was great and standing wasn't bad at all.

Not knowing the location of Oliver Spencer's show, me and Josh decided to sit down for a drink and a chat before the next show. The last show we planned to watch was KTZ at the BFC showspace. The long queue and buzz of people outside the venue proved how anticipated this show was going to be, and we knew it would be great regardless of what direction they went in. KTZ are well known for fusing music with fashion in as many ways as possible, so I was looking forward to seeing what display they put on for the spectators. After what seemed like hours of standing outside and people going in who had tickets, me and Josh almost gave up hope, but, Josh had a trick up his sleeve. A bit of shoving and blagging saw us being whisked to the front row and we couldn't have been smiling any more than we were already. We arranged our cameras and took in the crazy atmosphere for crew members came to take the covering off the runway and the lights dimed. Silence.

Full coverage in my next post :p

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