Tuesday, 27 September 2011

London Fashion Weekend - Fraubraun Vintage

 Fraubraun Vintage at London Fashion Weekend

After the commotion of London Fashion Week was over, London Fashion Weekend began. Friday saw me working for Fraubraun Vintage (www.fraubraun.com) as an assistant. I arrived at Somerset House before midday and while waiting to be given my pass, I was asked for a photo by Emma from iFashion Magazine (www.ifashionmagazine.com) for their street style feature.

Once I was in and had been introduced to my fellow assistants/students (we all go to the same university and do the same course) it was time to assist people, or the lack of people. It started off pretty quietly with only a small rush at lunch time, that I don't think resulted in anyone buying anything. A few dresses were sold while I was there, but not as many as we had hoped for.

The whole idea behind the stall we were running (which I forgot to take photos of because i'm stupid) was that people could try on a dress and step infront of a camera and take photos of themself. The idea being that allowing them to be in control of the camera lets them to portray how the dress makes them feel. Some people were a bit shy and actually preferred if we took the photos, but some people threw themselves into the task at hand, having a great time and making us all laugh.

As it was so quite, I was allowed to go home at 4pm instead of 6pm, which gave me some time to browse round the other stalls. None of the other vintage stalls really appealed to me as they were all very overpriced. But, I did purchase a silver chunky chain vintage creation from Xi Designs (www.xidesigns.co.uk) that is very high in my favourite purchases list. I will do a post especially for all my recent purchases as they are quite a few!

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