Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Battersea Vintage Fair

Eventhough Sunday was meant to be my only day off of the week, I was asked to work at Battersea Vintage Fair for a friend I made at London Fashion Weekend. Lucy has her own vintage knitwear company called Quality Knitwear (www.qualityknitwear.co.uk) and needed someone to fill in for her at the fair.

An 7AM start to the day proved challenging, but I arrived at 8:30AM and helped set up. The morning went on pretty slowly and I sat in my corner with not much to do apart from smile and say hello to the odd person that walked past. Luckily the two ladies who had stalls either side of me were lovely and we had long conversations about whatever cropped up in our minds.

Lunchtime came around and there seemed to be a flurry of people who wanted to buy knitwear, YAY! Then it quittened down again, NAY! The day went by very very very very very slowly, but eventually it was 4:30PM, which meant I could start packing up.

Lucy arrived with her car so we could pack things up and she had to to get back to London Fashion Weekend and pack up the stall she had there. I earned an easy £60, sold a good amount of knitwear and met one of my university tutors (check out her store: www.joaniesjunk.co.uk), who inturn introduced me to a lovely graduate from my course.

Easy day's work ever? Yes. But, don't ask me to do it again.

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