Sunday, 2 October 2011

She makes the storm settle

At the age of 24 and 5ft 10 inches, she is prime model material and signed to the IMG modelling group all over the world. Discovered in 2005 while walking on the street in Denmark, Freja has come a long way from her 18 years young self with long hair and unmarked skin.

Above is a selection of some of Freja Beha Erichsen's finest work in my opinion. As a model, I think she is the most diverse out there at the moment as she can pull off some many looks, so effortlessly and brings her own touch to everything she does. She is currently the face of Valentino, Chanel, Isabel Marant, Harry Winston and H&M, and is a regular feature in all the big fashion magazines, having done a total of 17 editorials so far this year.

She is well known for her boyish frame and 16 tattoos scatterd over her body, that allow her to be such a prominent feature in the fashion industry. Even if you can just see the infamous 'float' tattoo on her neck, you instantly know it is her, and the way she holds herself on catwalk shows is like no other. Her relationship with Karl Lagerfeld has surely secured her many modelling contracts, and has seen her been the face of Chanel since 2009, and i'm sure for many more years to follow.

If the opportunity to work with her ever did arise, it would be a much honoured one as I believe she would be able to teach me a lot on how to direct a shoot, as models always need to have a presence in the work they are helping to produce. Photo 3 and 5, I believe, are the best ways to photograph her as it shows her body at it's finest. No fuss, no mess, just her skin, tattoos and character on show.

So beautiful it hurts to look at her.

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