Thursday, 22 December 2011

Here They Are

After 2 months of dying over this project, which isn't completely finished...yet, the photoshoot is done! The concept came quite quickly, after a while of procrastintaing, and then the photoshoot came together even easier. I was given the location by a friend, and the clothes were all mine. After a fitting with the model, who is a friend of a friend, but now a very good friend of my own.

A 6AM wake up call on shoot day saw me trek to work to meet the guy who was giving me the keys for the garage and have a well needed coffee...or 2...I met the model an hour later and grabbed some lipstcik and headed for the venue.

It was cold, very cold, but after we got going everything was fine and we were done within 3 hours. I took over 300 photos and when I thought we could stand the cold no longer decided to call it day and head for some food and tea.

After hours and hours and hours of editing at ridiculus hours of the morning and many days, they were finally done. I managed to get it down to a final 20. I only need 3 images for the end result of my project, but I will get to that eventually. I am very much ontop of this work so I am not worried about taking a break over this week.

Here are a few of the final images, and once I decide on the final 3, I will let you know!

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