Friday, 20 January 2012


I discovered Haider Ackermann last year while doing research for a project on colour blocking. I had never heard of him and assumed he was not making much of a statement in the world; How naive I was. As soon as I began going through his collections I could see this man was a genius. His ability ot sculpt any fabric into any shape he wants and make materials drap when they shouldn't is outstanding. He makes oversized clothing still look feminine and sexy and can incorporate colours and materials that shouldn't really work.

With every new collection Ackermann brings out a new way of working with leather, silk and all the other materials he uses, and it never gets old. There is always a new colour combination or another way of dressing the body in material that has not been tried and he takes these opportunities. His S/S 12 collection is not exception. Showering us with rich reds, oranges, blues and greens from the East, draped on the model as if it was a saree or headscarf. Sashs accompany cropped jackets and loose silk trousers, creating a beautfiful regal feeling.

Some of this most amazing looks are the simplest. There are few looks in the collection that are silk dresses made from one colour. The top half of the dress is sheer, so you can see the model's beautiful womanly curves, and teamed with a pair of classic, no fuss brogues; these looks are powerful.

I will always look forward to what the designer does next, and hope you enjoy his work too!

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