Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Browns - Week 6

My last week at Browns followed the same template as all the others. Stock had to be shot, sorted, uploaded and returned. We had another stylist test, who again, did not have the right style to represent the Browns' woman, so there will be more trials to follow.

The past 6 weeks at Browns have taught me some interesting life lessons. I know what it takes to run a web studio for a high-end fashion retailer, and what is needed to outshine competitors to keep customers coming back to shop. I also learnt that I need to do a job that keeps me constantly moving and is not repetitive. I yearn to be creative, and bounce off my team's ideas, see new places and meet new people. I like to be challenged on a daily basis in my job. But, I am not everyone, and not everyone wants to do what I do, some people want to do graphic design and web editorial and I would never discourage that, only encourage, it just isn't right for me.

I would highly recommend interning at Browns for anyone who is trying to decide whether to apply. The staff are all lovely, within the studio, stores and dispatch. Everyone has been willing to help and made me feel at home. They all want to share their stories and have a good time, while delivering the customer service and products needed by a world-renowned fashion retailer. I will take many good things from my time at Browns, and look forward to using them in future roles.

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