Friday, 19 April 2013

Browns - Week 5

My penultimate week at Browns was a VERY slow one. Out of 5 days, we only had a model for one day, which means we had a lot of stock to get through and needed to fit in another trial for the stylist job that is on offer at the studio.
The stylist who came to do her trial day has previously worked at Topshop and currently works at Harvey Nichols, and this was very evident in her work. As much as her styling was interesting and youthful, it did not portray the Browns’ woman correctly, which is a more upper class client. 
After Tuesday’s shoot day we spent the other days doing odd jobs, and spent some of Friday preparing stock for a ‘Basics’ shoot that was being done for the website on the Saturday. A trend shoot is meant to be done atleast once a season, but due to funding and short-staffing, this hasn’t been the case. I wasn’t able to attend the shoot on Saturday due to having to go to work at the weekend. 
I don’t think there is much of a shooting schedule this week, and new season stock is going down to a trickle, so we will see how my last week goes.

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