Thursday, 18 April 2013


I have a love-hate relationship with menswear fashion and editorials; it's either too safe or too mental. Fashion156 have restored my faith in mens styling, by producing a wonderful editorial on review of the London Men Collections.

The editorial is a beautiful mix of new designers, that all seamlessly fits together. The location, a classroom allows the clothes to speak loud and clear. The clothing isn't majorly outrageous, that's not what makes it good. The tailoring is clean, the patterns are suitable, the models are cast very well, and the art direction is perfect.

The designers features have taken classic menswear and altered it in a modern and innovative way; playing with texture, proportions and print to update classic items. This is what I believe makes fashion successful; not creating a monstrousity, but simply adding your stamp to what is.

Coat, shirt and tie by E.Tautz

Shirt, trousers and jacket by Alan Taylor

Shirt, Trousers, Shoes and hate by T.Llpop

Kilt, trousers, jacket, hat and shirt by Alan Taylor

Jacket, trousers and shirt by Joesph Turvey
Shoes by Joseph Turvey for Hush Puppies

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