Thursday, 2 May 2013

Dreaming Everyday

This week's theme on Fashion156 is 'Dreams' which is one I am all for! I may not be a heavy sleeper, but I do wish for nights full of wonderful dreams. If pyjama daywear could in any way encourage peaceful nights of sleep I would wear it everyday, and after this week's blog posts on Fashion156, I definitely feel like I should. 

I'm going to do something a bit different with post, and actually pick a few of my favourite ways to wear the trend and where you can pick up the pieces.

Bip Ling/Rihanna

Florence Welch/Jessica Alba

All the celebrities above are chanelling great all-in-one looks, and in my opinion this is the best way to go, dive in! But, for those of you that aren't so daring when it comes to all-over print, i'll put together some simpler looks for you to dip your toes in.


A suit is my favurite way to take on the pyjama trend as there are so many fabrics and prints you can mix & match to suit how loud you're feeling. This set from The Kooples is perfect the relaxed work look, but still looks smart and perfectly on trend when teameed with some pop-colour courts.

Snake-print silk jacket and trousers from The Kooples 

For the Summer months, when the heat doesn't permit trousers, team of pair of pyjama shorts with a basic tee or short-sleeved shirt. This is good way to wear all one colour, as your legs and feet will put you at ease.

Vintage lace shorts and Dip-due checked shorts from Topshop

Some of you may not believe that dress or comical prints really fit in this category, but what could actually be better!? A little lace and silk number wouldn't go a miss, and surely kids crazy disney/animal print pyjamas were everyone's favourites.

Lace dress from Warehouse and Pink dog print trousers from River Island

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