Saturday, 11 May 2013

Minimalistic Tendencies

This week on Fashion156 it's Minimalism Week, and I have to admit, I want it to be Minimalism month atleast! I have always dressed in a simplistic manner; spending most days in a pair of heels, jeans and an array of shirts, chic and easy to spend my day in meetings and running around. The masters of minimalism in the fashion world today are Celine, Alexander Wang and Costume National, to name but a few.

Alexander Wang S/S 13 -- Celine S/S 13
(photos courtesy of

Calvin Klein Collection S/S 13 -- Stella McCartney S/S 13 -- Costume National S/S 13
(photos courtesy of

To celebrate minimalism, Fashion156 has put together theit best selection of street style photos and buys to guide you through the trend. Combining textures, cuts and colours; it's about effortless chic, that's still clever and a breath of fresh air.

Minimal street style (photos courtesy of Fashion156)

Minimal essentials (photo courtesy of Fashion156)

Being such a fan of the look, a lot of my work has been based on such clean and crips ideas, so I thought now would be a perfect time to share it with you!

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