Monday, 8 April 2013

Browns - Week 1

So my first week of working at the Browns web studio on South Molten Street was not what I expected, but still in a good way. On arrival I was introduced to the permanent team and other interns, and then showed around the Browns’ locations that i’d call home for the next 2 months.

Each day has gone in a similar fashion. I arrived and go to ‘The Yard’ to collect new stock that needs to be photographed for the website. Once the stock has been checked off in the studio, we steam it and hang it up to be shot when the fitting model arrives.

If I am not sorting new stock, you will find me behind a computer working with the copywriters on the back-end of the website. We have to make sure that every item has the write description and details before it goes live on the site for customers to see.

Once Adam (in-house stylist) and the photographer have photographed the new stock, it needs to be measured and all fabric/care instructions noted, so that the copywriters can include this in each item’s text.
At the beginning/end of day, we take all new stock that we are done with to the relevant store to put away; Browns South Molten Street, Browns Focus or Browns menswear, where we again, check it all off and put it in the stock room in it’s correct place.

When there is no model in-session, sometimes accessories will be shot by Anders (product photographer) all day at the accessories studio, or the time is used to catch-up on perfecting the website.
When taking on this internship, I expected to be doing more photography/styling with the team, and not so much staring at a computer screen. But, all experience is good experience, and I have already learnt things that I did not know before. Hopefully, as the weeks go on, I will be doing more hands-on work in the fields I am most comfortable and interested in. But, e-commerce experience at Browns will be invaluable on my CV, and I look forward to seeing what more the next 7 weeks has to offer.

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